The Butcher’s Cut is renowned for its exceptional steaks, carving a niche for itself among meat lovers. However, this steakhouse harbors a delightful secret—it also serves some of the most exquisite pasta in San Diego. With a dinner menu that blends traditional steakhouse fare with the finesse of Italian cuisine, The Butcher’s Cut offers a culinary experience that transcends expectations.

A Gaslamp Pasta Menu That Stands Out

Exquisite Selections for Every Palate

The Butcher’s Cut prides itself on a diverse pasta menu, designed to satisfy a variety of tastes, from the seafood aficionado to the vegetarian, and even the most discerning of pasta enthusiasts.

Signature Pasta Dishes Include:

  • Lobster Ravioli: Delicate ravioli filled with succulent lobster, served with saffron broccolini in a light cream sauce, offering a luxurious twist on a classic.
  • Seafood Fettuccine: A seafood lover’s dream, featuring mussels, clams, shrimp, lobster tail, and fresh fish, all tossed in a lightly spicy marinara sauce, capturing the essence of the ocean in every bite.
  • Vegetarian Fusillini: Perfect for the plant-based diner, this dish combines heirloom tomatoes, capers, olives, and parmesan cheese with roasted vegetables for a burst of flavor.
  • Pappardelle Wagyu Ragu: For those who can’t resist the call of meat at a steakhouse, this dish features pappardelle pasta coated in a rich, slowly braised Wagyu ragu, topped with parmesan cheese.
  • Kobe Beef Carbonara: A luxurious take on the classic carbonara, made with spaghetti, egg yolk, a touch of cream, pecorino cheese, and smoked Wagyu beef, blending the best of Italian cuisine with premium steakhouse quality.

Why Choose The Butcher’s Cut for Pasta in Gaslamp San Diego?

Beyond Steaks: A Culinary Journey

The Butcher’s Cut isn’t just a steakhouse; it’s a destination for those seeking to explore the depths of culinary craftsmanship. Here’s why pasta lovers flock to our doors:

  • Quality Ingredients: We use only the finest ingredients, from fresh seafood to premium meats like Wagyu and Kobe beef, ensuring each dish is a masterpiece.
  • Expert Preparation: Our chefs bring years of experience and a passion for Italian cuisine, ensuring every pasta dish is prepared with care and precision.
  • Ambiance: Situated in the vibrant Gaslamp Quarter, The Butcher’s Cut offers a dining experience that combines the best of San Diego’s nightlife with the comfort and sophistication of a top-tier steakhouse.

A Menu That Celebrates the Best Pasta Gaslamp San Diego has to Offer

At The Butcher’s Cut, we believe in offering something for everyone. Our pasta menu is a testament to this philosophy, providing options that cater to a wide range of dietary preferences and tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for the decadent richness of lobster ravioli or the hearty satisfaction of a Wagyu ragu, our menu has you covered.

A Pasta Experience Unmatched in Downtown San Diego

The Butcher’s Cut redefines the steakhouse experience, offering a menu that delights not only the steak connoisseur but also the pasta enthusiast. In the heart of Gaslamp San Diego, we invite you to discover a world of culinary excellence where premium steaks and exquisite pasta dishes coexist in perfect harmony. Join us for a dining experience that promises to leave a lasting impression, proving that The Butcher’s Cut is indeed the best destination for pasta lovers in the area.